Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Ancient Power of Medicinal Herbs

Lately, increasingly more of my patients have expressed a desire for using herbs for his or her specific health issues. They are concerned, as am I, about negative effects, as well as rising costs of prescription medications with medical care insurance issues being what they're these days.

Herbs happen to be used as medicine for hundreds of years in many cultures all over the world. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine lead the way in which in treating illness with herbs. Actually, prior to 1930, herbal medicine was the only real medicine utilized in America!

Within the last 30 years, however, herbal, or botanical, prescription medication is enjoying resurgence in the usa. People are revisiting the healing power of those ancient herbal formulas. Echinacea fights colds, St. John's Wort brightens mood, chamomile settles upset stomach, and ginseng boosts energy. These herbs are extremely commonly known they're bought from grocery stores!

Using medicinal herbs is really a vast subject, so Let me touch on probably the most common herbs as well as their uses.

Herbs for Overall Health

Especially in women and men over 40 years old, along with a balanced nutritious diet, regular exercise, and enough restorative sleep, taking a minimum of 1 of those herbs might help keep you healthy generally:

•Garlic - antioxidant, antibiotic, and cholesterol reducer, might help prevent cardiovascular disease.
•Green tea - an all-around powerhouse antioxidant, can lower cholesterol levels and assist in preventing mouth and stomach cancers natural cure. Drink 2-3 cups each day without milk or cream.
•Turmeric - (yellow mustard ingredient) long utilized in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, a great antioxidant which lower cholesterol levels and is believed to prevent cancer.
•Olive Leaf Extract - anti-inflammatory, defense mechanisms booster, kills airborne viruses and bacteria that can cause illness.
Herbs for Men's Health problems
There are several herbs which are beneficial to men's specific health issues such as prostate and impotence issues. Here are some of them:
•Saw palmetto/beta sitosterol - Body of the most popular herbs, treats BPH, benign prostatic hypertrophy, by shrinking the enlarged prostate and relieving urinary problems.
•Gingko biloba - increases blood flow through the body which could alleviate impotence and help cognitive thinking processes and circulatory issues.
•Muira puama - stimulates libido (both men and women), treats erection dysfunction, and balances hormones.
•Tribulus - stimulates testosterone production, addressing impotence and libido.
Herbs for Women's Health problems
Women's specific health issues such as painful menstruation, menopause, libido and infertility happen to be treated with herbs for hundreds of years. Recently, traditional physicians have considered safe, herb-derived bioidentical hormone replacement to deal with symptoms of menopause. Listed here are herbal estrogen and progesterone sources which come from:
•Black Cohosh - filled with natural plant estrogens, great for menopause symptoms and PMS.
•Wild Yam - contains isoflavones, treats menopause symptoms, and maintains bone strength.
•Dong Quai - for menopause, treats menopausal flashes, vaginal dryness, and weak bladder tone.
•Red Clover - like soy, contains isoflavones, treats menopause symptoms.
The Large Three and Herbs
In the usa, the highest rates of illness come from cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Let me reveal to you some herbs which have shown lots of promise in scientific studies to specifically address these conditions:
•Sheep Sorrel - Cancer. Recognized for its tumor shrinking, anti-metastasizing properties.
•Green Tea Extract - Cancer. Contains ECGC, an antioxidant that neutralizes toxins that damage healthy cells. Slows/prevents the rapid cell replication of cancer.
•Turmeric - Cancer. Contains curcumin, boosts defense mechanisms, and prevents tumor growth.
•Cinnamon - Diabetes. 1/4 to at least one tsp sprinkled on food, can control insulin spikes. Likewise helps lower hypertension.
•Banaba - Diabetes. An organic herb from the Philippines extensively studied for diabetes. Like cinnamon, has insulin-like activity that can help maintain normal blood sugar levels. Read more Banaba Herbal Medicine
•Ampalaya (bitter melon) - Diabetes. Also extensively researched, the favourite treatment for
diabetes in India, Asia, Africa. Believed to stimulate beta cell production within the pancreas that can help the body's natural manufacture of insulin.
•Valerian - Heart/high blood pressure level. Relaxes you, lowers blood pressure level, and aids sleep.
•Alfalfa and Garlic - Heart/arteries. Lowers Cholestrerol levels by blocking absorption and preventing oxidation into plaques or clots.
•Cayenne - Heart/circulation. Stops heart pain by rapidly increasing blood circulation to the heart. It's been touted like a first aid strategy to heart attack - 1 tablespoon Cayenne inside a glass of tepid to warm water drank quickly.

There you've got a basic summary of medicinal herbs. You will find innumerable health problems that herbs can be used as. However, they aren't without risk. You need to take them together with you would prescription medications. Consult a physician familiar with using herbal medicine to deal with illness. They are able to ensure correct usage and monitor you for just about any possible adverse reaction.

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